Niuniu said: At first Niuniu was formed because of a simple kindness. Niuniu grows under the care of so many people and the effort they put into it. Niuniu enlarges to most part of China now, bringing happiness to more children.

Niuniu always get greetings from friends. They wonder if the children have enough to eat, do they study hard, is their clothes warm enough, do they grow taller…

Niuniu decides to start her journey, she’s going to visit the children with all the greetings from her friends. And she will reflect about the children’s living condition when she comes back.

This time Niuniu went to Guizhou province. People would always connect Guizhou with the poor geological condition. Indeed, we would think about mountains first when we mention Guizhou.

Today, we go to Huanglian Elementary School in Huanglian village, Yangchang county, Guiyang city, Guizhou province. It’s an elementary school in mountain. As a partner school with FLFC, 33 people include students and teachers can enjoy free lunch. Huanglian Elementary School is located in Huanglian village, Yangchang county, Guiyang city, Guizhou province. It’s 40 kilometers from the center of the city. It’s about 20 minutes’ drive from Yangchang county. Although the roads are all concrete, Niuniu still has a hard time get to the school. But troubles are not stopping Niuniu from visiting the kids!


Sitting on the motorcycle and looking at the downward road, Niuniu is a little scared.


Looking at the waterful, Niuniu forgets all the hardships through the trip. Beautiful sceneries are always pleasing.


Niuniu is so happy seeing the school gate faraway.


Although school buildings are not tall, they look pretty old. But the colorful paintings on the wall reflect the school’s carefulness and creativeness.


Coming to the cafeteria, Niuniu sees the clear windows and the orderly cookers. Niuniu can’t stop exclaiming: what a beautiful kitchen!





The dishes seem delicious and are nutritional. Niuniu want to “like” it. Having such good cooks, students and definitely eat healthy.



In order to train the students take care of themselves, teachers don’t distribute the food. Instead, older students are responsible for distributing food for younger students. Everything is in order. How lovely are they!


Although they don’t have an official cafeteria, students have their lunch in the classrooms in order. Nobody fights against each other. They all eat their lunch quietly.


Teachers tell Niuniu that not only is the students’ responsibility to distribute food, but they also have to clean their tableware. Then cooks clean the tableware again and disinfect it. Because of these “little things” accumulation, the students become independent and responsible.

After saying goodbye to the faculties and the students in Huanglian Elementary School, Niuniu feels sweet in heart. The complains on the way here are all gone by now. Niuniu only hopes that under the help of everyone, kids in Huanglian can grow up happily- no bitterness and no hardship.