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        There are a crowd of children who live in the barren mountains , tough living conditions do not block their thirst for 

knowledge but make a full daily lunch become their desires . Free Lunch Found has corporated with Zeiss recently , 

carrying out Zeiss vision help children’s action : in August ,every time consumers buy a pair of Zeiss Chengzhangle 

MyoVision® lenses , we’ll donate to Free Lunch a week’s school lunch for a poor children ,helping them free 

from hunger and grow healthily . 

        In addition ,because of the restriction of economic condition ,many poor children who suffer from myopia and other 

eye diseases will also be plagued by long-term vision problems except for hunger ,as they can’t afford to buy glasses . 

Therefore ,in the period from September to December , Free Lunch will visit schools in poor areas with Zeiss ,which 

continuously leads in the vision care areas ,to do professional vision health check for local students and donate free lenses . 

Resolving worries about hunger and vision will help poor children grow and study in an easier and healthier way .

        NetEase will participate in the entire process of reporting this event , public can login to action official website to know the details of the event . From August 8th ,Zeiss will hold gold coin “Ease Donation” with 

NetEase News APP. Net friends can open up the individual center of NetEase News APP and donate some of their NetEase 

gold coins to support the event . After raising 5 million gold coins , Zeiss along with NetEase will donate 10 thousand lunches 

to Free Lunch . 

        The “Ease Donation”activity has obtained support of a large number of net friends . It is estimated that at least 

100 thousand net friends will participate in this activity .



        ——about the donor of this activity :Zeiss & Zeiss Chengzhangle 

        Zeiss Chengzhangle MyoVision® is a kind of innovative lens that Zeiss researches and develops with peripheral vision 

control technology . Proved by clinical experiments , this kind of lens can retard children myopia rate effectively .


        Through holding Zeiss vision help children’s activity , Zeiss brings poor children love to help them grow healthily 

and happily . All of this comes from Zeiss’s understanding and interpretation of “responsibility ”. Open ,leading ,

encouragement , precision and responsibility are brand characteristics of Zeiss .

        Since established in 1846,as a company operated by foundation , Zeiss takes responsibility for society as one of its 

important cultural characteristics . In China ,Zeiss actively participates in various public welfare charities to undertake and 

fulfill its social responsibility and mission .

        As a legendary brand in optical field ,Zeiss is always the leader in various field of precision optics . In 1912,on the 

basis of scientific demonstration ,Zeiss launched the first point focusing imaging axisymmetric lens——Zeiss Punktal® optical lens , 

opened the history of modern glasses lens since then . The brand of Zeiss is a symbol of excellence in visual quality . From the

 fitting process to finished lens ,Zeiss always provides consumers with optimization of comfortable vision . Zeiss is not only a 

prestigious international brand ,but also the only one glasses manufacturer which puts department of ophthalmology and 

vision solutions as a whole . After 100 years of vicissitudes ,it is still on the list of the world’s top lens manufacturers .


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